MEmotions: Emotional Intelligence for Children: Anger (MEmotions Emotional Intelligence for Children)



MEmotions is a practical interactive book series written by a Professional Therapist to assist children in developing Emotional Intelligence at an early age. Emotions can be very confusing to children who do not have: life experiences to draw from, the vocabulary to communicate all they are thinking and feeling, may not have had the best examples of how to deal with emotions in healthy ways, and who do not yet have the tools to manage their emotions.
MEmotions:Anger includes real-life multi-cultural characters to help children:
Learn to recognize the early signs of anger and to listen to their body’s warning signals
Recognize that anger in itself is not bad
Teaches how to voice the emotion they are feeling and what they can say to articulate it to others
Identify actions that can be taken when we are mad that can be harmful
Addresses self-harm and harm toward others as unhealthy ways to cope with anger
Provides real-life, practical examples and illustrations of other children choosing positive outlets to manage their anger
Introduces the Magic Formula to help children begin the life-long process of voicing their emotions and engaging in solution-focused methods to handle conflict (to be done with an adult)
Includes Discussion Questions to help process what they have learned and apply it to their individual life and experiences
Teaches children how to ask for what they need in healthy ways without the need for a tantrum, anger outburst or violent act

This book is a perfect addition to every teacher and parents book collection! Children learn from other children.
Many adults were taught as a child that anger was a bad emotion.
Many children’s books on anger teach children to breathe and count to 10. This can be a great first step.
However, we know as adults, that doesn’t always work in every situation, and it is an incomplete tool for anger management.
This book takes things three steps further in recognizing early warning signals, showing real-life practical healthy coping options, and introducing a communication tool to help children begin to articulate their emotions and discuss solutions in productive, solution-focused ways.
Discussion questions then encourage each reader to brainstorm personalized coping options that might work best for them to deal with their anger in healthy ways.
While the first part of the book can be enjoyed by a child by themselves, the end of the book includes activities that adults can facilitate additional learning and discussion. When children are ready, they can use the end of the book to begin the life-long process of beginning to articulate their emotions and practice healthy conflict-resolution using the Magic Formula.
This children’s book is ideal for ages 3-8 with engaging images for younger children to “read” the first part of the book and the ending of the book can provide additional teaching and be processed with an adult.

Features & Highlights:
• 32 TOTAL PAGES: Beautifully illustrated real-life pictures make each page come alive and pique your child’s imagination.
• PERFECT SIZE: Easy to carry size (8.5″x8.5″) makes it easy for little hands to carry or to slip in a diaper bag or purse
• SOFT GLOSSY COVER: Beautiful glossy illustrated cover is soft and easy to grip
• DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Allow your child to create personalized answers real life application
• PREMIUM DESIGN: Beautiful Inspiring Book with Premium Full Color Interior Pictures
This premium book is the just the right size for little hands and is the perfect gift for baby showers, children’s birthday parties, classroom bookcases, school counselors, teachers and other holidays.

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