Memotions: Emotional Intelligence for Children: Happiness



Memotions: Emotional Intelligence for Children: Happiness is a practical interactive book series written by a Professional Therapist to assist children in exploring emotions. Children watch adults. They watch TV. They read books. They hear people say negative things and positive things about themselves and others. A child’s developing brain is a fascinating network that is mapping out new information all day long. Understanding happiness is a critical component that can affect the rest of their adult life. This book uses real life full color images with multi-cultural inclusive images to allow children’s imaginations to run wild with their hopes and dreams! Buy Now

This creative book introduces an innovative way to look at happiness. Many adults stuggle to “find happiness” in life. This book teaches children to see happiness as something that is fluid and achieveable but also something that we can actively create.This book explores the concepts such as: how to handle things when they don’t go our way, selecting what we focus on throughout our day, purposefully building things into our day that are likely to increase happiness, and understanding how our attitude affects our happiness. Featuring adorable real-life pictures of children in daily life to help your child move from theory to real life connections instantly. This book is sure to become one your child’s favorites!  BUY NOW

Emotions can be very confusing to children who do not have: life experiences to draw from, the vocabulary to communicate all they are thinking and feeling, may not have had the best examples of how to deal with emotions in healthy ways, and who do not yet have the tools to manage their emotions.
MEmotions: Happiness includes real-life multi-cultural images to help children:
Learn to see the many choices they have throughout their day
Recognize that what they focus on can alter how their day goes
See real life children making positive choices to create happiness
Explore their own identity and how they are unique
Starts the process of exploring what things increase or decrease our happiness
Provides real-life, practical examples and illustrations of other children
Includes Discussion Questions to help process what they have learned and apply it to their individual life and experiences
Challenges children to create their own “Happy Puzzle” to identify the many things that can help them create happiness in their life
While the first part of the book can be enjoyed by a child by themselves, the end of the book includes activities that adults can facilitate additional learning and discussion.
This children’s book is ideal for ages 2-8 with engaging images for younger children to “read” the first part of the book and the ending of the book can provide additional teaching and be processed with an adult.  BUY NOW

Features & Highlights:
• 64 TOTAL PAGES: Beautifully illustrated real-life pictures and images of children to make each page come alive and pique your child’s imagination.
• PERFECT SIZE: Easy to carry size (8.5″x8.5″) makes it easy for little hands to carry or to slip in a diaper bag or purse
• SOFT GLOSSY COVER: Beautiful glossy illustrated cover is soft and easy to grip
• DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Allow your child to create personalized answers real life application
• PREMIUM DESIGN: Beautiful Inspiring Book with Premium Full Color Interior Pictures
This premium book is the just the right size for little hands and is the perfect gift for baby showers, children’s birthday parties, classroom bookcases and classroom bookshelves, school counselors, child counselors, teachers, educators, Christmas gifts, and other holiday gifts.

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Kindle Edition, Paperback