The Bumble Bunch: I Am Positive Affirmations Coloring Book for Girls and Boys: I Am Unique



The Bumble Bunch: I Am Positive Affirmations Coloring Book for Girls and Boys contains over 30 single sided premium positive affirmations coloring pages!  BUY NOW
Created by a Professional Therapist for children to boost confidence & self-esteem! Join the adorable Bumble Bunch Bees as your child explores the imaginative world of creative coloring with a purpose. This whimsical coloring books pairs Positive Affirmations with the adorable Bumble Bunch characters to create beautiful art to frame! Self-esteem can be attacked on a daily basis with mean comments, social media, television and even family. This encouraging book reminds both boys and girls the incredible power of Positive Affirmations. Thoughout the days these can echo in your child’s head to combat all the negativity they are constantly exposed to. BUY NOW

The Bumble Bunch book series was written by a Professional Therapist to assist children in developing reading skills and positive social skills in engaging vibrant ways that connect with a variety of learning styles. This Positive Affirmations coloring book:
Includes a variety of Positive Affirmations through powerful I Am statements
Re-inforces confidence, bravery, intelligence, kindness, gratefulness and much more!
Includes whimsical objects of varying levels of difficulty so children can color what they comfortable with
Includes some Positive Affirmations with more advanced vocabulary words to expose them to additional learning
Re-enforce retention with repetition as well as variety
Draws children in with pictures and lively characters they will not forget
Perfect tools to combat bullying and social pressure that is placed on children
This book is a perfect addition to every teacher and parents coloring book collection!
Children learn in different ways. Some children are visual, some are auditory, and some are kinesthetic. However, when you combine all 3 methods learning and retention increases! This art book will inspire the artistic side of your child and provide hours of coloring fun!
See it. Say it. Do it! Combining all 3 methods in a workbook format allows children to access different parts of their brain to increase learning and retention. See the positive affirmations. Color the affirmations, Say the affirmations!
This children’s coloring book is ideal for ages 4-8 with some simpler engaging images for younger children as well as some more complex designs with greater detail to challenge older children.  BUY NOW

Features & Highlights:
• 64 TOTAL PAGES: Over 30 single sided beautifully illustrated coloring pages with your favorite Bumble Bunch characters and pictures with whimsical images to make each coloring page come alive and pique your child’s imagination!
• PERFECT SIZE: Easy to carry size (8.5″x8.5″) makes it easy for little hands to carry or to slip in a diaper bag or purse
• SOFT GLOSSY COVER: Beautiful glossy illustrated cover is soft and easy to grip
POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS for Girls & Boys: Inspire your child with motivating Positive Affirmations they can color and frame as beautiful personalized art pieces! Perfect coloring book for ages 4,5,6,7, and 8 to give as a Birthday Gift paired with coloring pencils, crayons, gel pens, arts and crafts, or other art supplies.
• PREMIUM DESIGN: Beautiful Inspiring Coloring Book with Premium Pictures
This premium book is the just the right size for little hands and is the perfect gift for baby showers, children’s birthday parties, classroom bookcases, school counselors, teachers and other holidays. Ideal for teachers, classroom learning, libraries, homeschool, virtual learning, preschool, daycares, kindergarten, and first grade classrooms. The perfect gift for artists and creative children!
The perfect book for:
Positive Affirmations
Birthday Gifts
Developing gratitude
Cultivating Mindfulness