The Bumble Bunch: Phonics are Fun Learn to Read Beginning Reader Reading Made Easy Level 1 for Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade



The Bumble Bunch: Phonics Are Fun Learn to Read Beginning Reader Reading Made Easy Level 1 for Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade is the Magical Way to Learn to Read! Available on Amazon!

The Bumble Bunch Phonic is Fun Learn to Read Children’s First Reading book is the perfect first book for your child to learn the ABC’s & learn to read just by having fun! Memorable full color vibrant pictures will help your child to identify letters in the alphabet, build vocabulary, create word building blocks, and improve retention skills. This book brings the ABC’s & phonics to life with the adorable Bumble Bunch characters to draw your child in and keep them coming back for more!

The book is designed by a Professional Therapist with a Master’s of Education to make learning ABC & Reading so much fun for your little one!
Teaches your child the ABC’s & reading using common relatable images they will remember! Sing-song lyrics make this book enjoyable to read to your child as well as for them to remember so they can quickly begin “reading” it on their own.
Engaging, interactive book includes seek-and-find butterfly hidden on each page to encourage interaction. The beginning of this book can be “read” by your child using common images and rhyming lyrics.

This Magical ABC & Phonics Bumble Bunch Learn to Read Beginning Book Level 1 includes the ABC’s & first word families all in one level 1 reader book!
An ideal first ABC alphabet book & Learn to Read Phonics Beginner Book for your kids.
The children’s alphabet book connects each of 26 alphabet letters to a unique images & reinforces the first word families to create critical building blocks to reading.
This learn to read book makes phonics & reading interesting and super easy for your kids with colorful pictures of common items and animals.
The kids will not only learn capital and small letters of the alphabet, but will also be able to memorize letters easily by connecting them to images they will remember.
The Bumble Bunch Learn to Read Phonics book is both a boy book and a girl book
The best gift for baby showers, birthdays, preschool classrooms, daycares, classroom bookcases and bookshelves, homeschool, virtual learning, and gift for teachers.
Learn to recognize letters and words based on pictures
Recognize rhyming words
Begin to hear sounds that occur frequently in the English language
Make spelling logical and easy by grouping similar sounds
Reinforce retention with repetition
Draw the reader in with pictures and lively characters they will not forget
Incorporates science with curious facts about bees
Adds a whimsical touch with a seek-and-find blue butterfly hidden on each page to engage the reader and keep them guessing!
Features & Highlights:
147 TOTAL PAGES: Beautifully illustrated pictures with vibrant colors to make each workbook page come alive and pique your child’s imagination!
• PERFECT SIZE: Easy to carry size (8.5″x8.5″) makes it easy for little hands to carry or to slip in a diaper bag or purse
• SOFT GLOSSY COVER: Beautiful glossy illustrated cover is soft and easy to grip
• DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Allow your child to create personalized answers real life application
• PREMIUM DESIGN: Beautiful Inspiring Book with Premium Full Color Interior Pictures
This premium book is the just the right size for little hands and is the perfect gift for baby showers, children’s birthday parties, classroom bookcases, school counselors, teachers and other holidays. Ideal for teachers, classroom learning, libraries, homeschool, virtual learning, preschool, daycares, kindergarten, and first grade classrooms.

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