Today is Done Good Night Sun Children’s Bedtime Story (Good Night Bedtime Children’s Books)



Today is Done Good Night Sun is an inspirational children’s bedtime book and the perfect additional to your ideal Night Time Routine to help your child fall fast asleep!  BUY NOW

This special book was written by a Professional Therapist to introduce Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Mindfulness, early Emotional Expression, and the Benefits of Gratitude to children all around the world.
This book uses open-ended questions to introduce the life-long skills of mindfulness, emotional expression and gratitude that are necessary to live a fully present life as well as to wind down before bed. Enjoy!  BUY NOW

Did you know having a predictable bedtime routine helps your child’s brain go on “autopilot” and learn it is time to go to sleep! This book was purposefully crafted to foster a repeatable bedtime routine. Written with “sing-song” lyrics to make the perfect children’s book both you and your child will love night after night!

Featuring 2 personalization pages to add your child’s name and another page for them to draw in all those the ones they love!
That makes this a perfect Christmas gift, Birthday gift, gift for new parents, or an ideal baby shower gift!

Written with poetic phrases to be the perfect book to wind down to and make a regular part of your child’s bed time routine! This children’s book is ideal for ages 0-7 and the perfect book for the end of the day. Includes open ended questions to help your child reflect and process their day. The questions can be skipped for younger children or expanded on for older children. This open ended format teaches your child to express their emotions openly as well as develop the critical life-long skill of mindfulness and gratitude!
Inspirational lyrics and layout to easily help your child remember the words and “read” along with you!

Features & Highlights:
• 32 TOTAL PAGES: Beautifully illustrated pictures make each page come alive and pique your child’s imagination
• PERFECT SIZE: Easy to carry size (8.5″x8.5″) makes it easy for little hands to carry or to slip in a diaper bag or purse
• SOFT GLOSSY COVER: Beautiful glossy illustrated cover is soft and easy to grip
• DOODLES: Allow your child to create personalized pictures of all those your child loves to make the book come alive as you create a personalized bedtime routine
• PREMIUM DESIGN: Beautiful Inspiring Cover with Premium Full Color illustrated Interior Pictures
This beautiful book is a must for every bookshelf and one to be passed down through the generations! This premium book is the just the right size for little hands and is the perfect gift for baby showers, toddler birthday parties, and holidays.

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Kindle Edition, Paperback